Terms and Conditions

Door closer must be installed to prevent damages from door slamming.

Door, Gate and Digital Lock Warranty applies to manufacturing defects ONLY, do not cover for wear and tear of the parts and components.

Use only Alkaline Batteries (Energizer or Duracell ONLY), do not mix old and new batteries.

Digital Lock Warranty will be null and void if:

  • Using rechargeable battery.
  • Do not have a door closer to the wooden door.
  • Do not bring an emergency key (for the lock model that comes with emergency keys).

Batteries provided in the package are for testing purposes only, please change within 14 days.
Goods shall remain the property of Laminate Gate Pte Ltd until payment is made in full.


All orders are based on quotation followed by the technical specification of the products.

Where wood or other natural products are used may appear slightly different in colors and texture between different units or from the website images.

Additions and/or variations to the specification of the order will not be effective unless agreed by both parties in writing.
Any order is considered complete now the goods are delivered.

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